How it works couldn't be simpler. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Register. Go to the tab relevant to you (hotel or journalist). If you're a hotel this is where you'll also be asked for your payment details and preferred payment option (monthly or yearly).


Complete your details. Input as much information as you can. This will help when it comes to organising a press stay, as will get you found or improve your search.


Set-up a press stay! Journalists - choose who you would like to see, then send a message via the messaging service. Hotels - just reply, and firm up the press visit. It's as easy as that!


The service is completely free for journalists/influencers. All we ask is that you provide as much detail as possible for your '' profile, so that hotels can decide whether you and the outlet(s) that you write for would be the right fit for them in terms of a press visit, and, indeed, a review. Each new journalist/influencer registration is checked by the team before being approved and allowed to join the community. Once you've been on a press visit, the idea is to review your stay for publication –– something that’s discussed through a ‘press stays agreement’. You can read more about this via our FAQs


If you're a hotel, there’s a small charge for the service. This can be paid yearly, which amounts to £990 (inc VAT) or £96 (inc VAT) per month for the standard option. Or for the premium option it works out at £1920 (inc VAT) a year, or £180 (inc VAT) per month. Opting for the yearly option will provide you with almost a 15% saving. Again, all we ask is that you complete your registration form providing as much detail as possible. This will ensure that you then reach out to the right journalists/influencers. When a journalist/influencer comes to stay, it is up to you what you offer - most hotels will provide a journalist/influencer with a complimentary stay, or put them on a special media rate. Whatever you decide, make sure they are well looked after – after all, you want to receive a great review.