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Can my property feature on PressStays.com or is this just for hotels?

PressStays.com isn’t just limited to hotels. We feature as many different hospitality property types as we can; from holiday resorts to self-catering accommodation, B&Bs, to exclusive venues – even glamping sites. We look to deliver a diverse portfolio.

My hotel is based outside of the UK can I still be a member of PressStays.com?

Yes, PressStays.com is a global platform, which hotels and properties across the world can join.

How many journalists/Influencers are currently using PressStays.com?

We currently have over 3,500 journalists/influencers using our platform with many more waiting to be screened and added to the system.

Am I able to search for and contact journalists/influencers directly?

Hotels that have signed up for the premium membership can directly contact journalists/influencers that they’d like to review their hotel. However, hotels on a standard membership will have to wait for journalists/influencers to contact them in order to initiate a press stay.

Who is the team behind PressStays.com?

PressStays.com is designed and managed by Pic PR; a PR and marketing agency that’s been operating for almost 8 years and specialises in the hospitality sector. If you need to contact our team at all please get in touch by email via hello@pressstays.com

What’s the difference between a standard and a premium membership?

The standard membership enables you to create a profile on the PressStays.com site, allowing you to explain in detail what your hotel has to offer and outlining the facilities you have, which journalists/influencers will be able to view when searching for an appropriate press stay. If a journalist is interested in your hotel they will contact you and this will appear in your mailbox.

  • The premium membership includes all of the above, but also allows you to directly search and contact journalists/influencers that you want to come and review your hotel. It will also make your hotel a featured hotel, meaning your property will be more visible when a journalist/influencer is looking to organise a press visit through PressStays.com.

  • What is a press stay agreement and why do I need to use it?

    A press stay agreement is a document that tells you what the journalist/influencer will be providing you in return for a press stay. For example: a full-page review in a national newspaper, or an online mention as part of a wider feature. It also demonstrates to the journalist/influencer what you, as the hotel, will be providing the journalist/influencer during their visit, such as dinner, bed and breakfast for them and their plus one.

  • The press stay agreement also includes the date of the press stay, when the journalist/media outlet is expected to publish the coverage, and may include any specific requests from your hotel – such as filming guidelines in and around spa areas.

  • It is a contract between yourself and the journalist/influencer, as both parties have agreed to the conditions. You should be able to fall back onto the agreement if the journalist/influencer is late at publishing an article or, conversely, you fail to provide them with the agreed requirements of their visit.

  • Who do I contact if I can no longer get hold of the journalist/influencer after their visit?

    If you are unable to contact the journalist/influencer via the PressStays.com mailbox, then please contact one of our team and we will endeavour to track them down and see if you will receive the coverage and, if so, when you should expect to see it.

    Does PressStays.com guarantee coverage? And will the coverage always be positive?

    PressStays.com looks to make the relevant press contacts easily accessible, helping to put you in front of the journalists/influencers that matter. However, we’re unable to guarantee coverage as a result. Ultimately, it’s up to the discretion of the journalist/influencer in question and the media outlet they work for as to whether coverage goes ahead and whether that coverage reflects your offering in a positive light.

  • The vast majority of the time, hotels do receive full, and positive coverage, but the experience and offerings that the journalist/influencer encounters during their stay will ultimately influence this.

  • As the hotel, you should look to deliver the best experience possible – this will help you to reap the benefits of a positive press stay.

  • Journalist

    Is PressStays.com just for journalists?

    Despite, the emphasis – no. Alongside journalists, our platform is also open to digital influencers and high profile bloggers.

    As a journalist/influencer will I need to pay to access PressStays.com?

    Our service is completely free for journalists/influencers to join. All we ask is that you provide the hotel with the level of coverage that you agreed prior to your visit.

    What kind of properties are featured on PressStays.com? Is it just hotels?

    PressStays.com isn’t just limited to hotels. We feature a mix of property types, including holiday resorts, self-catering accommodation, B&Bs, exclusive venues and glamping resorts – to name but a few.

    Is PressStays.com just for UK based hotels and journalists/influencers?

    No, this is a platform where both hotels and journalists/influencers from anywhere in the world can connect and organise press stays.

    How do I set up a press stay with a hotel?

    Once on the search page you can select the country and area that you are looking to visit (you can always use the additional features for a more specific search result).

  • Having found a hotel that meets your needs, simply send them a message to let them know you would like to book a press stay.

  • When you’ve agreed a date with the hotel and discussed the level of coverage you’re able to provide, this is when you will send the hotel the press stay agreement which includes full details of what’s been agreed by both parties.

  • What is a press stay agreement and why do I need to use it?

    A press stay agreement is a document that tells you what the hotel will be providing you during your stay. For example: dinner, bed and breakfast for you and a plus one. It also demonstrates the level of coverage you’re expecting to provide the hotel in return for the complimentary visit – whether that’s a full-page review in a national newspaper, an online mention as part of a wider feature, or something else.

  • The press stay agreement also includes the date of the press stay, when you are anticipating the publication of coverage, and may also include any specific requests from the hotel – such as certain filming guidelines in and around spa areas.

  • It is a contract between yourself and the hotel, as both parties have agreed to the conditions. You should be able to fall back onto the agreement if the hotel doesn’t provide you with a specified part of the experience, such as a spa treatment or if your circumstances change and you are no longer able to give the hotel the coverage you previously discussed..

  • What happens if my editor pulls the article but I have already been on the press stay?

    While we understand this scenario is often out of your hands, ideally you would look to honour the agreement as best you can in the circumstances. Whether this be trying to find another way to cover the hotel, either as part of a different feature or using an alternative angle or, at the very least, highlighting the hotel’s offering on your social media channels.

  • Please though, if this does happen, remember to get in touch with the hotel to explain that this is the case. Offering a press stay means the property is unable to sell the accommodation during that time, while also absorbing additional costs such as dinner and staffing requirements to cater to you during your stay.

  • What is expected from me as a journalist/influencer?

    Journalists/influencers will initially be screened by our team to see if you meet the requirements to access the site. This may take up to 48 hours for us to process. You will be informed as to whether you have or haven’t been successful.

  • You are expected to meet the coverage requirements agreed with the hotel in your press stay agreement. While we realise it’s often up to editorial discretion, which can sometimes be out of your hands, repeat instances of undertaking a press stay without subsequent coverage will see your details removed from the site.