About Us

Press Stays is run by a team of PR experts who specialise in the hospitality sector. We work tirelessly to ensure the world's most influential travel writers, are approaching the world's most exciting and undiscovered hotels.


We do this because there are so many amazing hotels out there, that just don't get talked about. This needs to change, consumers deserve to know what's out there.

We know the time it takes to organise a press stay, time that busy hotels and journalists often don't have. We also know how expensive it can be for a hotel to hire a PR team to do this for them. So why not get hotels and journalists talking direct? And setting up there own Press Stays?

For hotels, a press review is, and always will be, the best piece of coverage they will get. For a journalist they need to be writing about new and different properties.



So, if you're a hotel wanting top journalists from across the world talking about you, so that you feature in key publications that reach out to your key target audiences. Then register today.

And if you're a luxury, lifestyle, travel journalist looking for some of the world's most wonderful hotels to write about and review for a piece you're putting together. Then enter your details today and set up your next press trip.