About Us

PressStays.com is run by a team of PR experts who specialise in the hospitality sector. We work tirelessly to ensure the world's most influential travel writers are approaching the world's most exciting and undiscovered hotels.


PressStays.com, as a concept, evolved from our recognition of the fact that there are incredible hotels out there, doing fantastic work…but not being talked about.

Organising press stays can be a time-consuming process for both sides – journalists/influencers don’t have the time to research all relevant hotels in a region (making them easy to overlook), while hotels, similarly, don’t have time to reach out to journalists/influencers. Hiring a PR team to do the legwork can also be a costly business when hospitality budgets are tight.

So, our inspiration was to provide the medium for hotels, journalists, bloggers and influencers to talk directly – enabling them to set up press stays to suit them.

It’s a relationship with two-fold benefits. For hotels, a press review is the best type of coverage they can get; an objective look at their offering, that directly encourages prospective guests to visit thanks to reaching the right audiences. For a journalist/influencer, they have access to new and different properties, providing variety and inspiration.


If you’re a hotel looking to raise your profile, getting top journalists/influencers from across the world talking about you, featuring you in key publications and putting you in front of your relevant target markets, then register today and get the press ball rolling. 

If you're a luxury, lifestyle or travel journalist, blogger or influencer looking to uncover some of hospitality’s, if not so much hidden, then certainly lesser known gems, then enter your details and start setting up your next press trip.